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Hello, I’m Paul Nojin

I’m delighted to present to you my Pro Trader Training Program, an online course for anyone who wants to learn the trading strategies of the markets most successful traders.

In this program I will share with you the knowledge of how to be a successful trader and divulge to you the most powerful market knowledge that exists.

I will provide you with a blueprint for what to trade, how to trade and when to trade.

I am truly delighted to offer you this very unique opportunity to become a successful trader.

“I found the program excellent. I have bought and sold shares for a number of years and wanted to see what the next level was. The rate of delivery of the material was very good. I have learnt a lot and I am already feeling more comfortable in decisions I am taking.”
Paul Welsh

The Best Investment Is Knowledge

Why do so many traders fail?

Quite simply, they underestimate how hard it is to succeed and then tackle the task unprepared.

If you expect to succeed you will need to know EXACTLY how you will trade. You need a proven and detailed rule based plan.

Your plan needs to be so precise that you can write it down and accurately convey it to a 3rd person in just a few pages.

My Pro Trader Training Program meets these tests.

You will learn EXACTLY what to trade, how to trade, and when to trade.

My Background

I was very fortunate to learn how to trade at the iconic Wall Street investment bank Bankers Trust, at a time when the bank’s traders were considered the best in the world.

The bank had an intense mentoring culture that created hugely successful traders, traders that still dominate the market to this day.

The important point is that I do indeed know the trading strategies used by the world’s most successful traders.

Bankers Trust was Australia’s most successful investment bank, before or since, and it’s traders are a who’s who of Australia’s most successful traders and investors.

The Bankers Trust alumni includes the $700 million dollar man Greg Coffey, and Ivan Ritossa, former global head of currency trading for Barclays Bank and arguably Australia’s most successful trader of the last 20 years.

My secret of success is the knowledge I acquired while working for Bankers Trust and it can be yours too.

If you want to become a real trader, someone who acts alongside the most successful participants in the market, my Pro Trader Training Program WILL show you how.

“My trading has improved amazingly since I did your course.”
Des Nation

The Timing Is Everything

You may already know that there is no factor more critical than the timing.

It is therefore imperative that you have a strategy for getting the timing of your entries and exits right.

My Pro Trader Training Program is a clear and unambiguous, step by step training program that will empower you to understand and master the timing of the market.

Riding Whales Is The Secret

To profit in the market you need to ride trends, trends are driven by volume, and the biggest volume is transacted by the whales.

The whales are the biggest and most successful hedge fund and investment bank traders.

These whales are the very same people I worked alongside at Bankers Trust.

I know exactly where my former colleagues tend to act and my Pro Trader Training is based on that knowledge.

In fact, I’m going to share with you what is arguably the most powerful information I learned while working alongside these market titans at Bankers Trust.

I know strategies that have been used to make many billions of dollars in trading profits and I’m sharing these strategies in my Pro Trader Training Program.

My Pro Trader program will give you the knowledge you need to be a very successful trader.

“This is the best information on trading I have experienced.”
John Hickey

What you get …

You will receive a concise, easy-to-follow plan that explains EXACTLY where to enter and exit to minimize risk and maximize profit.

The program is a proven blueprint for success in the market.

This is the training you need for accurately predicting the best times to enter and exit the market.

You will learn …

What To Trade

How To Trade

When To Trade

How To Minimise Risk

How To Be A Successful Trader


Here’s what the program includes …

4 Proven Trade Setups

These 4 blueprints are the most important and valuable part of the program. They teach you EXACTLY where to enter and exit any market to ensure your success. This is relevant to both traders and investors. Whether you have a buy and hold approach, or whether you cut losses fast and let profits run, this information is invaluable to your success.

How To Control & Minimize Risk

You will learn EXACTLY how to preserve your capital in a systematic and proven manner and keep your losing trades small.

The Best Markets To Trade

It is critical to focus on the right markets. You will learn the best markets to trade and I will explain exactly why.

Futures Trading

The world’s biggest and most successful traders focus on futures. Futures markets are the world’s most active markets. They are also known as the best markets for traders because of the leverage, the level playing field, low transaction costs and the type of market transparency and truthfulness that professional traders demand. In your Pro Trader Training you will learn everything you need to know about how to trade futures with success.


There is more misinformation peddled about Options than almost any other subject. In this lesson you will learn what you need to know if you want to be successful trading options. You will learn the 3 simple steps to discovering the right option to trade.

How To Select The Best Stocks

Whether you are a trader or investor, you need to be able to sort the good stocks from the pack. In this lesson you will learn how to identify the best stocks using a straightforward, fast and proven technique.

The Oscillator Strategy That Works

Oscillators are widely misunderstood. While oscillators are not a panacea, this lesson will teach you how to use an oscillator in a straightforward and VERY helpful manner.

How To Achieve Big Wins

Big winners have one very important thing in common. In this lesson I will teach you what the biggest and best traders know.

Your Proven Trading Plan

Your Pro Trader Training Program provides a complete, precise and proven trading plan, one that will equip you to take the same trades as the world’s best traders.

“I am an investor with my super fund. I have found Paul’s videos amazingly simple and very helpful. His well paced delivery allows me to keep up with the topic and the graphs clearly indicate the points Paul is making. In all I am finding this course very useful.”
Michael Rodey

Join today for $3,960 …

What To Expect …

You will learn to trade like the world's most successful traders

You will learn everything you need to know to minimise risk

You will learn how to achieve big wins

You will learn which subjects to trade

You will learn EXACTLY when to enter and exit

You will learn a plan that can be applied to any market

You will learn a plan that can be applied in any time frame

You will learn all the main points about futures

You will learn the 3 steps to knowing which options to trade

You will learn all the little things you need to know to succeed

“I was a professional trader at some of the world’s best known investment banks. I’ve known Paul Nojin for 24 years and in my opinion he is the best out there. I recommend his services highly.”
D. Gelder

A valuable bonus is included in the program.

Your BONUS Training Program On A DVD …

As a bonus you will also receive the DVD that contains the learning modules from my very successful Mentoring Program. The program was $2640 originally so this is a chunky bonus!

Join today for $3,960 …

Delivery and Access

The program is provided online by video and PDF.

Your Payment

The cost is $3,960 for 12 months access.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You can cancel within the first 14 days and receive a full refund. There are no refunds available after 14 days.

Start TODAY …

The program is now posted in full and available for immediate viewing.

Join today for $3,960 …


“You have changed the way I look at the market. Wow, wow, wow. I found the training EXTREMELY helpful. A lot of ah-ha moments. Plenty of videos in the course which I liked. Paul was clear, concise and easy to understand. Thank you so much.” Clement Chan

“I’m absolutely loving the insight and knowledge contained in the lessons and am very pleased I decided to enroll. Thank you.” Michael Peirce

“Great program, well done, it’s been enjoyable and motivating.” Michael Wrobel

“I have found the program to be exceptional.” Ian F.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training.” Kate Wittenoom

“Full of information and knowledge. Precise and informative.” Ross McVea

“This is the best information on trading that I have experienced.” John Hickey

“It is by far the best course I have ever done. Your set ups are far superior to anything else I’ve learned over the years.” Michael K.

“Compared to the thousands of dollars I have spent on courses and books, this is without question the best money I have ever invested.” Stephen M.

“I have always enjoyed Paul’s talks. He is very informative and obviously possesses a great deal of expertise. Paul’s emphasis on the relevant information is very good. He proceeds at a good talking pace and culls information that is not relevant. The content is easily understood. I have found myself replaying the Modules and Practicals over and over and reading my notes to reinforce many key points. There is a wealth of information in the program that deserves revisiting. What I liked most about the program is that I feel I now have a structured path forward for undertaking my own investments with some confidence. There are clear points to enter and exit the market which became clear after completing this program – so much invaluable material. I would encourage others to undertake this program. What you will learn from Paul I believe will be invaluable to your future financial success. Good work Paul and thank you for a really great program.” Ross Harrison

“Overall, I got a lot out of the program and I am pleased that I decided to do it. As someone with a reasonable level of experience, I was dubious beforehand as to whether I would get value – pleased to say that I needn’t have worried! The real positives for me were the practical nature of the learning approach and Paul’s ability to cut straight to what really matters. I also like the way that Paul uses his experience to share additional pieces of information along the way, or to share his mindset or how he thinks about things. This is far more useful than a textbook based approach. In summary, a very valuable course, thank you.” Ian Lawton.

“I like Paul’s delivery. I believe him. He comes across as understated and genuine. The recommendations, well, they are outstanding. He stands out from the pack.” Peter Deck

“I find Paul’s presentation style easy to understand and the concepts clearly explained. Having both theory and practical lessons really helps to consolidate the information. Almost all of Paul’s recommendations were spot on. I’m loving Paul’s work.” John Hickey

“It’s a great program. Very thorough and simple to follow. Paul makes a difficult concept easy. I only wish I had traded the system in the past.” Dallas Watts

“I found the program excellent. I have bought and sold shares for a number of years and wanted to see what the next level was. The rate of delivery of the material was very good. I have learnt a lot and I am already feeling more comfortable in decisions I am taking.” Paul Welsh

“I love the Pro Trader training program, it’s perfect for me in every way and has shed light on a few issues I’ve had trading over the last 20 years. This is by far the best program I’ve ever participated in and I’ve participated in several over the years. I find the style of delivery via video tutorial fantastic and very easy to follow as it allows me to review many times at my leisure. Each time I review, I gain a little more perspective and insight. The program content is fantastic, I’ve had a few questions during the program but they have all been answered in subsequent videos so have not had to email directly. Well done Paul, fantastic program.” Michael Wrobel

“It is a pleasure to give you feedback as I found the training very insightful. I find Paul’s no nonsense delivery easy to follow and his content ethical and structured. The recommendations have been consistently accurate.” Phil Hancock

“I am busy in my own practice and involved in further study and therefore time poor; so I very much enjoyed the fact that the course is succinct and quite prescriptive and yet the salient points are reiterated many times. As luck would have it, during the program several trade signals were generated. I participated in the said trades and the course fee has been surpassed by my profits! I enjoyed Nojin’s unique style of delivery and his dry wit. He is not prone to oversell the upside and gloss over the risks as is common to most who spruik their wares in this industry, which probably explains his longevity. Please convey my gratitude to him.” Dr M Palam

“I really appreciate Paul’s work. I find the training very clear and very useful. Overall a big fan.” Andrew Curtis

“Thank you for making this information available. The content is excellent.” Vaf V.

“It was well presented and I did learn more about trading. Paul has a no nonsense way of teaching that is easy to absorb.” Peter Green

“An excellent program.” M Gordon

“The program is terrific. Thank you.” Jake Basger

“I’ve read many books over a 12 year period. I’ve tried various methods of charting. So, I must say Paul’s program has been the thing I’ve always needed but never could locate. The market intelligence is the thing I always lacked. Paul has successfully taught this. His video tutorials of the three setups are very clear. The live commentary on the various markets has been informative and has given me confidence to think about trading commodities and forex. As for the learning method, I agree that note taking is beneficial because the video commentary has a lot to learn from which is picked up better when listening to passion and experience in a voice. The videos can be played over and over and are not too long. The website is simple and well laid out and easy to follow. The written material has been simple to follow and brief.” Jason Smith

“Thanks for the insight with Pro Trader. It is really amazing stuff. I look forward to utilising the info into the future.” Kirk Buckler

“I have and still am very much enjoying your course and appreciate what it has taught me. It has been well worth the money spent. I find that each time I look at a share’s graph I automatically look to see whether I can apply any of your rules to it. I am also enjoying the Inner Circle membership and the ability to trade profitably with your calm and clear guidance. In essence you have delivered what you promised.” Mark Ganter

“My trading has improved amazingly since I did your course.” Des Nation

“It is much better than I expected. The information really is priceless.” George H.

“Loving the program – exactly what I was looking for.” Andrew Curtis

“Very professional and realistic. Unlike anything else I’ve come across.” VV.

“I can’t thank you enough. The Key Levels system is brilliant.” Andrew K.

“The program has been so worthwhile. The cost seems inconsequential now.” Liz W.

“Extremely informative and helpful. I often wonder how I managed to make money at all in the past. I now have a much better understanding of how the market works and what is required to be a successful trader.” Michael F.

“Thank you again for the excellent content.” Josephine S.

“I now wish I had subscribed a lot earlier. I have been interested in the stock market for many years and subscribed to a lot of newsletters and purchased many books and training. You are correct. I have never come across your number one setup, and it makes perfect sense.” Trevor S.

“Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to learn. Your program really is brilliant.” Des N.

“Thank you for a wonderful program.” Jennifer F.

“Excellent. Very hard to find something about the program that I didn’t like.” SP.

“A fantastic learning experience. Everything played out perfectly.” John H.

“The trading education is brilliant. This has exceeded my expectations.” Kushan K.

“Excellent. Well explained. You can’t beat someone who knows what they are talking about.” SS.

“A superb program. For me this was a real world, genuine, in the trenches, teach with integrity program that I found really valuable” Colin Y.

“Everything he teaches rings of the truth. The rules are simple and easy to follow, they make sense, and he is obviously passionate about teaching.” Mike W.

“You are the first genuine educator I’ve come across in the last 20 years.” VV.

“The program has truly been a revelation. The knowledge you have imparted is gold.” Jennifer F.

“Phenomenal course. Paul’s expertise is incredible.” MM.

“I am extremely impressed by your program. It is excellent in every way. You explain the vital concepts very clearly.” Paul Idstein

Risk Warning – Trading or investing with leverage using futures, CFDs, options or shares can offer large potential rewards, but can also involve large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to trade in these markets. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. No representation is being made about future results. The past performance of any trading system is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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