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Learn The Clear, Precise And PROVEN Rules Of Great Traders To Empower Yourself To Master The Market

Starts January 28

Hello and welcome to this discussion about my Mentoring Program.

Let me say first, you can follow The ​Super Investor, and in just 10 minutes each month the evidence strongly suggests that over the long term you will outperform the index by at least 5% per year after brokerage.

For a passive strategy you simply won’t beat that.

​But as impressive as that is, you can do even better than that.

In fact, you can potentially do much much better than that if you use my Key Levels approach.

You may be familiar with the name Michael Marcus. Michael is famous for turning $30,000 into $80 million.

It is not possible to get a result like that with The Super Investor, but it becomes possible with Key Levels.

I’m not suggesting you will turn $30,000 into $80 million, but I can guarantee my Key Levels approach will put you among a VERY elite group of people in regards to your knowledge on how to make money in the market.

You will no doubt be aware that I started my career at Bankers Trust.

One reason Bankers Trust was so successful and unique was the mentoring culture.

That mentoring occurred daily, the highlight of which was the morning round table meeting in the capital markets boardroom, attended by the banks traders, of which I was one. I traded bonds and bank bill futures in the trading pit.

Bankers Trust was in Australia Square in those days. For those who don’t know it is a round building encircled by glass. Let me tell you, the view of Sydney Harbour from level 40 Australia Square was unobstructed and spectacular. It was very heady in all respects to have been a part of it.

Every morning Richard Farleigh and Ivan Ritossa, arguably Australia’s best ever traders, and other genius, world famous traders discussed the price levels [Key Levels] that mattered to them, the order flows they were seeing through their books, and their intentions on strategy moving forward.

Each of the top people spoke. Ivan Ritossa spoke on FX, Rich Farleigh spoke on anything he saw an opportunity in, the head of the bond desk spoke, then the head of the money market desk, and so on. 7 or 8 people spoke every morning.

The intelligence shared in those morning meetings was superior to anything else being shared in any other dealing room around the world.

These people were the world’s very best, and as I say, they were my mentors.

It should therefore make sense that I have the ultimate pedigree for teaching you how to time the market for better results.

And that is the core theme of my Mentoring Program, the timing. Whether you are a trader or an investor the timing is everything.

My Mentoring Program will give you advantage and insight like you will not dream possible.

When you join my program, and learn what I know, you will immediately realize that you will forever be far better off.

I have 9 final points.

First, the entire program is delivered by video. I post the videos, then send you an email to let you know as each new video is posted.

There is one video during the week, and one on the weekend.

The video posted during the week [called a Module] is pre recorded and includes the academic information. The video posted on the weekend [called a Practical] is recorded on the day it is posted, and applies the information from the preceding Module to the current market in real time.

Once posted all videos remain posted until the end of the program.  In other words, you can watch them at your convenience, whenever you wish, as many times as you wish.

The second point is that this is NOT time consuming. It requires about 90 minutes per week on average. And I repeat again, you work your way through the videos at your own convenience. They are in bite sized pieces. The longest video is about 22 minutes.

Third, if you have a 3 week holiday planned in the middle of the program, or an operation scheduled, or you are a fly in fly out worker who only has internet access half the time, whatever your situation, you can simply catch up when you are available. I typically have people in every program with similar situations. It is not a problem. In any event, if you need extra time I can always give you an extra week if you need it.

The fourth point is, it is NOT difficult to learn. You get a set of rules to follow and they are specific, clear and unambiguous. After the program you are NOT left with work to do before you can start taking full advantage. 

Five, this is NOT active trading. I recommend against active trading. Sure, if you wish to follow the market continuously and perhaps swing trade, then yes, my program will be invaluable, but my program teaches you an approach that can be applied in as little as 15 minutes per day. Those who want to spend more time on it can immerse themselves for an hour each day, but it is not necessary to do that to get incredible results.

For those who consider themselves investors, half an hour once a week is enough to empower you to get far superior outcomes moving forward.

​Point six is, you WILL learn everything you need to know to manage and minimize risk in a proven and scientific manner.

Seven, it is NOT important to trade during the program. Yes, there is always an opportunity or 2, but once you have done the program opportunity will be abundant forever. Missing the few trades during the program is therefore immaterial.

In fact, I often suggest people complete the program without trading. After all, those who tread with caution and care usually fare better overall in the long run.

Point eight is that I personally answer ALL your emails and questions. When you join my Mentoring Program you get ME, and me alone, not a bunch of helpers and assistants.

Finally, point nine is that my Mentoring Program is for BOTH investors and traders. Irrespective of your situation, you WILL benefit in a profound manner from the information you will learn, and you will never again be uncertain on how to proceed in the market, irrespective of the situation.

Forever moving forward you will be empowered to achieve far superior outcomes to those offered by any other approach or Mentor.

Rest assured, this is the ultimate training for timing the market, any market.

Here’s What You Get


20 Online Videos


Practical Application of the Training


Weekly Q&A


The 9 Original Modules on DVD to keep


Access to the daily Key Levels Report

You get all this for 3 months for just 3 payments of $880.

This training program is a blueprint for success.

You will receive a concise, easy to follow, step by step plan, that tells EXACTLY when to enter and exit to minimise risk and optimise potential.

“It is by far the best course I have ever done. Your setups are far superior than anything else I’ve learnt over the years.” Michael K.

YOU Will Learn …


Step by step, how to time the market like a pro


Powerful, proven secrets for timing the market


How to minimise risk


The one true key to success


THE ultimate entry point - and the rules to follow


The best companies to focus on


How to spot small companies with huge potential


How to trade currencies, commodities and bonds


Why you WON'T get a big win day trading


Why trend following makes perfect sense


How to cut losses fast


How to let profits run for the biggest wins


The keys to trading options


Things you won't find in books or hear at seminars

“I can honestly say that I have never seen anything of the quality and consistency of what Paul delivered. He is exceptional.” TC


This is a comprehensive yet concise training program, designed to teach you how to time the market in a sophisticated manner, with low risk, and the potential for high reward.

The program is NOT active trading or day trading. In contrast the program will suit those who want low risk positions that they can let run for months to years.

The program is suitable for all levels of experience, and is NOT time consuming or challenging.

It will take up to 90 minutes per week on average, and you can get through this in bite sized portions if you wish.

There are no fixed times. You watch the videos when it suits you, and as many times as you wish.

I personally answer your questions by email and / or in the weekly Practicals.

In the weekly Practicals I also highlight the best opportunities in the current market, utilizing the information presented in the program. This is one of the important features that sets this program apart.

For the first 8 weeks there are 2 videos per week, and in week 9 there are 4 [therefore 20 in total].

All of the content is posted by week 9.

Your DVD will be sent to you after your third payment.

Your access to the program will end September 22, 2016.

YOUR Outcomes

You can expect 3 main outcomes:

1. You will learn how to operate in the market with low risk, using a sophisticated yet simple system you can implement yourself. Specifically, you will learn how to identify, enter, and exit major trends with precision.

2. You will learn how to get a big win, while keeping your risk low.

3. You will be in a position to determine your own result. You will be the captain of your ship, the master of your [financial] destiny.

Why You Should Sign Up


You want the best training available [see testimonials below]


You want to learn from home


You want to be mentored by a true insider


You want to see trade setups that work


You want to see the setups applied


You want to work through the material at your own pace

“It is much better than I expected. The information really is priceless. The program has already paid itself off many times over.” George H.

3 payments of $880 … Starts January 28.

The Cost

The cost is 3 payments of $880. The first payment of $880 is when you join. The second payment of $880 is scheduled for July 21, 2016. The third and final payment of $880 is scheduled for August 11, 2016.

100% Money Back Guarantee

The deadline to withdraw from the program and receive a full refund is 5 pm July 13, 2016.
Notification must be by email.


“This is the best information on trading that I have experienced.” John H.

“My trading has improved amazingly since I did your course.” Des N.

“It is by far the best course I have ever done. Your set ups are far superior to anything else I’ve learned over the years.” Michael K.

“Compared to the thousands of dollars I have spent on courses and books, this is without question the best money I have ever invested.” Stephen M.

“It is much better than I expected. The information really is priceless.” George H.

“Loving the program – exactly what I was looking for.” Andrew C.

“Very professional and realistic. Unlike anything else I’ve come across.” VV.

“I can’t thank you enough. The Key Levels system is brilliant.” Andrew K.

“The program has been so worthwhile. The cost seems inconsequential now.” Liz W.

“Extremely informative and helpful. I often wonder how I managed to make money at all in the past. I now have a much better understanding of how the market works and what is required to be a successful trader.” Michael F.

“Thank you again for the excellent content.” Josephine S.

“I now wish I had subscribed a lot earlier. I have been interested in the stock market for many years and subscribed to a lot of newsletters and purchased many books and training. You are correct. I have never come across your number one setup, and it makes perfect sense.” Trevor S.

“Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to learn. Your program really is brilliant.” Des N.

“Thank you for a wonderful program.” Jennifer F.

“Excellent. Very hard to find something about the program that I didn’t like.” SP.

“I have found the program to be exceptional.” Ian F.

“A fantastic learning experience. Everything played out perfectly.” John H.

“The trading education is brilliant. This has exceeded my expectations.” Kushan K.

“Excellent. Well explained. You can’t beat someone who knows what they are talking about.” SS.

“A superb program. For me this was a real world, genuine, in the trenches, teach with integrity program that I found really valuable” Colin Y.

“Everything he teaches rings of the truth. The rules are simple and easy to follow, they make sense, and he is obviously passionate about teaching.” Mike W.

“You are the first genuine educator I’ve come across in the last 20 years.” VV.

“The program has truly been a revelation. We agree that the knowledge you have imparted is gold.” Jennifer F.

“Phenomenal course. Paul’s expertise is incredible.” MM.

“I am extremely impressed by your program. It is excellent in every way. You explain the vital concepts very clearly.” Paul I.

Risk Warning  – Past results are not generally considered a reliable guide to future results.
Trading can result in financial loss.

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