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Since 2002 Key Levels has provided exclusive access to Paul Nojin’s reports, advice and training for traders.

In our daily reports Paul provides recommendations for US stocks, gold, oil, T-bonds, 10 Year Notes, US dollar index, Euro, Australian dollar, emini S&P and emini Nasdaq.

Our reports and training are suitable for anyone trading Stocks, Indexes, Futures, Options or CFDs.

Stock Report

Our stock report covers US stocks. The report is updated daily and provides recommendations with precise entry and exit details. The report is suitable for both traders and investors. Whether you wish to build a portfolio of US stocks or trade US stocks using stop loss orders, our report is exactly what you need. The report highlights low risk, high reward opportunities. Our Key Levels empower you to cut losses fast and let profits run. Register now to learn more.

Futures | CFD Report

Our futures and CFD report is a daily report covering all the major US markets. The featured markets are the 30 Year T-Bond, 10 Year Note, US dollar index, Euro, British Pound, Australian dollar, emini S&P, emini Nasdaq, Gold, Copper and Oil. Membership highlights compelling trading opportunities for Futures, Options and CFD traders. The report highlights Key Levels that empower you to cut losses fast and let profits run. Register now to learn more.


“You have changed the way I look at the market. Wow, wow, wow. I found the training EXTREMELY helpful. A lot of ah-ha moments. Plenty of videos in the course which I liked. Paul was clear, concise and easy to understand. Thank you so much.” Clement Chan

“I’m absolutely loving the insight and knowledge contained in the lessons and am very pleased I decided to enrol. Thank you.” Michael Peirce

“Full of information and knowledge. Precise and informative.” Ross McVea

“This is the best information on trading that I have experienced.” John Hickey

“It is by far the best course I have ever done. Your set ups are far superior to anything else I’ve learned over the years.” Michael K.

“Compared to the thousands of dollars I have spent on courses and books, this is without question the best money I have ever invested.” Stephen M.

“I have always enjoyed Paul’s talks. He is very informative and obviously possesses a great deal of expertise. Paul’s emphasis on the relevant information is very good. He proceeds at a good talking pace and culls information that is not relevant. The content is easily understood. I have found myself replaying the Modules and Practicals over and over and reading my notes to reinforce many key points. There is a wealth of information in the program that deserves revisiting. What I liked most about the program is that I feel I now have a structured path forward for undertaking my own investments with some confidence. There are clear points to enter and exit the market which became clear after completing this program – so much invaluable material. I would encourage others to undertake this program. What you will learn from Paul I believe will be invaluable to your future financial success. Good work Paul and thank you for a really great program.” Ross Harrison

“I found the program excellent. I have bought and sold shares for a number of years and wanted to see what the next level was. The rate of delivery of the material was very good. I have learnt a lot and I am already feeling more comfortable in decisions I am taking.” Paul Welsh

“This is by far the best program I’ve ever participated in and I’ve participated in several over the years. I find the style of delivery via video tutorial fantastic and very easy to follow as it allows me to review many times at my leisure. Each time I review, I gain a little more perspective and insight. The program content is fantastic, I’ve had a few questions during the program but they have all been answered in subsequent videos so have not had to email directly. Well done Paul, fantastic program.” Michael Wrobel

“It is a pleasure to give you feedback as I found the training very insightful. I find Paul’s no nonsense delivery easy to follow and his content ethical and structured. The recommendations have been consistently accurate.” Phil Hancock

“My trading has improved amazingly since I did your course.” Des Nation

“Loving the program – exactly what I was looking for.” Andrew Curtis

“Very professional and realistic. Unlike anything else I’ve come across.” VV.

“I am extremely impressed by your program. It is excellent in every way. You explain the vital concepts very clearly.” Paul Idstein

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